50 years of practical experience in beauty institutes, remarkable application methods that have proven their effectiveness in thousands of cases, an exceptional knowledge of men's and women's beauty concerns—all of these have built the foundation of Clarins success.

Clarins has always favoured ingredients of natural origin. In its laboratories doctors, biologists and cosmetologists analyse and test the properties of thousands of plants for the same reason: use the highest quality plant extracts in their most effective concentration for optimum beauty results.

Today, Clarins products are sold in 150 countries and count millions of loyal clients around the world. A loyalty that owes nothing to chance.

Eau Dynamisante — Vitality · Freshness · Firmness

With a splash or spray of Eau Dynamisante, freshness, vitality and well-being are instantly restored.

And to add to these great feelings—a fabulous fragrance.

Through their love of plants, Clarins have successfully combined wonderfully fresh, energising and invigorating scents with the beneficial actions of plant extracts to tone and revitalise the skin, leaving it moisturised and exceptionally soft and smooth.

Eau Dynamisante is the very first skin-care treatment to harness scents to plant extracts such as Aloe, Ginseng and Harpago-phytum, resulting in Eau Dynamisante's irresistible appeal to both men and women—any season all year round.

- Cream Soap (packed in alpegia paper) 30 and 60g
- Glycerin Soap (film wrapped) 45 g
- Cream Soap film wrapped in cardboard box 100g

BOTTLES 30 AND 60 ml
- Shower Gel
- Re-vital Shampoo
- Re-vital Conditioner
- Body Lotion
- Foaming Body Exfoliator

EAU DYNAMISANTE 30 and 60 ml

- Cristal Tray: 240 x 50 x 25 mm
- Elegance Tray: 240 x 118 x 19 mm

ECOPUMP 300 ml
- Shower Gel
- Re-vital Shampoo
- Re-vital Conditioner
- Body Lotion


- 1 Double blade razor 
- 1 Shaving Cream
- 1 Moisture Balm


- Shower Cap & scrunchie
- Cotton Buds x 4
- Make-up Remover Pads x 4
- Paper tissues x 3
- Manicure Set
- Transparent Comb
- Gentle Exfoliating Mitt
- Sewing Kit 6 pre-threaded needles
- Shoe Pad
- Dental Set
- Shaving set

COFFRET “La Collection” :
Shower Cap, Cotton Buds, Make-up
Remover Pads, Gentle Exfoliating Mitt,
Paper Tissues, Sewing Kit,
Manicure Set, Comb