Pascal Morabito is a highly talented French designer and is known for his eclectic creations in many fields: jewellery, perfume, champagne, leather goods, decoration, sculpture, fashion and art.

To complement his international reputation Pascal Morabito decided to create a branded hotel line in collaboration with Groupe GM. He wanted it to be pure, minimalist and zen.

This wide-ranging guest line includes two cosmetic ranges (the Standard line and the Premiere line), with three sizes of bottles (20ml and 30ml in the Standard line and 80ml in the Premiere line), three sizes of soaps (30g, 50g and 100g), Ecopump and Ecopearl dispensers (300ml and 500ml).

His elegant and modern design uses transparent materials with natural and warm colours, and Pascal Morabito created a special wooden tray to enhance the luxury look of the line.

- 30, 50 or 100 g

BOTTLES 20, 30 or 80 ml :
- Shampoo
- Conditioner 
- Shower gel
- Body moisturizer
- Bath Salts

- 4 notches (3 bottles, 1 soap)
- 6 notches (5 bottles, 1 soap)
- 5 notches (4 bottles 80ml, 1 soap 30g or 50g)

ECOPUMP 300 ml :
- Hair & Body Gel
- Hand Gel
- Hydrating Body Lotion

ECOSOURCE “Supports” and Refills “375 ml”
- Hair & Body Gel
- Hand Gel


- Shower cap
- 4 cotton buds
- Make-up remover Pads x 4
- Manicure set
- Black comb
- Pre-threaded sewing kit
- White cotton shoe mitt
- Dental set
- Shaving set
- Wooden tray